Farm equipment cattle

FECH offers Farm equipment cattle for tie-up and free-stall housing of cattle and young stock: tether stall, headlock type complex feed table, feed table dividers, individual calf prophylactorium cage, calving box, horse lodge stall, horse stall, fence, lockable feed table grating, self-lockable feed grating, adjustable exhaust ridgelight vent, pens, alleyways, heated stainless steel common metal troughs. Cattle farm projects for 100 to 1200 beasts.

Equipment for farms with different mounting options.

Cow stalls are essential for both large farms and small farms, it is one of the most basic equipment that needs to be taken care of first.

Stabling equipment for cows should be convenient and practical for keeping and maintaining the animal.

The main disadvantage of conventional stalls is that some of the manure ends up on the flooring, the animal lies down on it, soiling itself and the udder. This negatively affects the quality of the milk. The milkmaids have to spend a lot of time and effort to clean the manure, the udders and the cow.

Our version has an adjustable culling bar which can be used to choose the right position for a specific cow, its age and size. There is one important rule to consider when installing a cow stall.  The length of this equipment directly depends on the weight of the cow itself. To be precise, if the weight of the cow increases by about 500-800 kg, the length of the stall should increase by 15 mm. It is absolutely necessary to adjust it correctly, so that the cow feels as comfortable as possible.

Experience has shown that with proper adjustment of the cow stall, not a single drop of manure will reach the surface of the stall.

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