Free Stall Barn

Free Stall Barn

Stabling equipment for farms is metal products for the maintenance of cows, calves and steers and other types of cattle in the livestock building.


Free Stall Barn of farms is used to keep animals in the buildings of barns.

There are certain requirements for the cow stall: the design should exclude the possibility of injury to the cows. Stabling equipment should be resistant to aggressive animal behavior, take into account the physiological characteristics of the herd and comply with sanitary and hygienic standards. Unattached stabling equipment should allow for free movement of the animal and comfortable resting. We produce our products according to all these requirements. In addition our constructions allow a rational use of the barn space. Robust fasteners and corrosion-resistant coatings ensure longevity. The variants of our stanchions are mounted on concrete with a bunion tube on the stanchions. This makes it possible to adjust the width of the stall. And concrete-mounted stanchions without additional posts do not have this option. The types of stanchions fastening are also different.

If you are interested in our offer, FECH TECH specialists will calculate the cost of the order. Our production capacity allows us to guarantee the execution of the order within the stipulated time, which allows you to put the farm into operation in a timely manner. Due to a constant exchange of experience with foreign manufacturers, modern production equipment, we offer reliable and durable stables for loose housing of cattle. Our stabling equipment meets the requirements of the relevant standards. Own production allows you to offer a stable for cows at an affordable price.

All our stabling equipment is made of high-quality materials. Used profiles and their thicknesses: square tube 50х50х3, square tube 60х60х3, channel 50х40х3, round tube 21,3х2,8, round tube 33,5х2,8, round tube 48х3,5, round tube 60х3. Corrosion protection of stabling equipment is done by hot-dip galvanizing.

We offer prefabricated constructions, the advantage of which, in comparison with welded ones, is the possibility of adjusting the width of the post, the position of the overhead beam and the lower bend of the arc. In the most common variant – there is a post, two horizontal pipes fixing the arcs, arcs, neck pipe. Completion options depend on your wishes. Having a great experience in manufacturing of custom-made stabling equipment we offer to make the stalls taking into account individual peculiarities of your livestock breeding complex. Delivery and installation of the equipment can be carried out by the company.

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You can buy and order stabling equipment for farms in Estonia from us.


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