Barn equipment for mini-farms

Barn equipment for mini-farms

A mini-farm for 50 cows. Manufacturing and installation of stabling equipment.


The Barn equipment for a 50-head mini-farm was manufactured and installed by us in just 1 month.

The composition of this stabling equipment includes TUF-20 tethering equipment, stanchions, gates, fences, diagonal clods, stall dividers, calving stalls.

All our stabling equipment is made of high quality materials. Profiles and their thicknesses: 50x50x3 square tube, 60x60x3 square tube, 50x40x3 channel, 21.3×2.8 round tube, 33.5×2.8 round tube, 48×3.5 round tube, 60×3 round tube. The anti-corrosion protection of the stabling is done by hot-dip galvanizing.

Stabling equipment for barns is completed with specially designed elements which enable assembly of the system without welding: stabling benches, fencing of feeding table, headlocks, wicket gate of cattle drive, stanchions, stabling collets.

Chain linkage is the most suitable system for barns with a small footprint. Here a cow is always tied up in a cubicle. This saves usable space on the farm. Each cubicle is equipped with a drinker, a feeding area and a linear milk pipe. Each cubicle has a rubber cow mat on the floor.

We offer prefabricated constructions, the advantage of which, compared to welded constructions, is that the width of the stall can be adjusted.  The position of the over-the-house bar and the lower bend of the arch is also adjustable. In the most common variant there is a post, two horizontal pipes for fixing the arcs, the arcs, and the neck tube. Equipment options depend on your wishes. We have extensive experience in the manufacture of tailor-made stabling equipment. We offer a custom-built stabling for your breeding facility. The delivery and assembly of the equipment can be carried out by our company.

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You can buy and order mini-farm stabling equipment in Estonia from us.



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