cattle fences, gates and paddock

cattle fences, gates and paddock

The main requirements for gates are the strength and reliability of fixation in the closed and open positions. At the same time, gates should be opened easily and quickly by personnel, but not opened under the influence of animals.


Fencing gates are an important part of cattle farms’ stabling equipment. When the herd increases, being able to easily regulate the movement of cows becomes an issue. Gates and gates that open must not only be convenient and safe for the animals, but also for humans. We solve this problem with fences and gates that organize the system of cow traffic on the farm.

Important elements of the equipment of cattle farms, providing movement of animals from section to milking parlour and back, to pasture, walks, etc., are fences and gates. They are strong enough to withstand pressure of 600-700 kg cows, do not allow mixing of technological groups and do not injure animals during driving. The advantages of our wicket doors are their robustness and reliability in the closed and open position. At the same time, the wicket door can be opened quickly and easily by personnel, but does not open when exposed to animals.

The telescopic wicket door with adjustable hinges is mounted on posts of all diameters using universal fixing elements and brackets. It consists of a main frame and an extendable frame. It has an offset range of up to 400 mm. Adjustable hinges allow long and heavy wicket doors to be protected from possible sagging. These constructions can cover aisles up to 4000mm wide and can be rotated over 180 degrees. For passageways wider than 3200mm it is advisable to use a pair of wickets. The wicket door kit also includes a universal lock. These constructions allow you to cover feed tables up to 6 metres wide.

Separating cattle fences and barriers are used in the barn for group housing and building logistics.

For group housing of adult animals, three-pipe separation fences are usually used.  For group housing of calves it is not practical to use three-pipe fences, so in this case a palisade fence is used to prevent calves from entering the adjacent group.

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