Equipment for fattening

Equipment for fattening

Composition of barn equipment: posts, gates, fences, headlocks



Equipment for fattening as well as calf pen equipment does not differ much from each other. It is all about the age of the animals and their weight.

Housing in pens is also used in the rearing of young animals on cattle farms

Multi-bunking on swap litter

This system is used in barns, small group housing (100-200 cows) calves, normally used for dry cows. It is also useful in maternity barns. It is important to keep a sufficiently large area per animal. The frequency of manure shovelling depends on the management of the barn and the amount of bedding. Litter shoveling is always a mobile technique.

Our pens, gates and fences ensure safe cow traffic. The structures for gates and fences in the feedlots are similar to open feedlots.  Cattle must be able to enter and exit the pens easily when they need to be released. Conversely, structures should be securely closed when not required.

For group housing of calves, we do not use three-pipe fences. In this case, we use wickets with vertical tubes to prevent calves from entering the neighbouring group.

Also look at cow pens

You can buy Equipment for fattening in Estonia from us.

All our stall equipment is made of high quality materials. Profiles and their thicknesses: 50x50x3 square steel pipe, 60x60x3 square steel pipe, 50x40x3 channel pipe, 21,3×2,8 round steel pipe, 33,5×2,8 round steel pipe, 48×3,5 round steel pipe, 60×3 round steel pipe. Corrosion protection of stall equipment is done by hot-dip galvanizing.



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