Cattle feeding table equipment

Cattle feeding table equipment

The feed table is the main place where cattle are fed


The cattle feeding table equipment consists of props, fixtures, longitudinal pipe d60mm. It is mainly used in barns with adult animals that do not require special fixing (Simplified Feeding Fence). For calves a simplified feed fence made of two pipes. It also consists of posts, fittings, 2 longitudinal pipes d60mm.

Neck bar / feeding table divisions

  • Freedom when eating
  • Simple fitting
  • Robust and inexpensive

Fencing of the feeding table. The simplest and cheapest fence of the feeding table is a round tube above the floor. It is attached to the posts at a certain height from the floor on which the cows stand. The height is determined by the breed and size of the cows.

To prevent the animals from rubbing the withers when feeding, the tube is slightly shifted towards the feeding table. This displacement is achieved either by additional brackets or by bending the posts. An important advantage of this type of fence is also that in case of unavoidable collisions at the feeding table, these collisions do not result in serious injuries.

Diagonal stern fence. This type of stern fence consists of a d48 mm frame with diagonally arranged d34 mm tubes. Stanchions, fasteners, plugs, corrosion protection covers are included in the installation kit.  Different calf widths are used for different calf ages.

Safe self-sealing headlock fence. An important distinguishing feature is their ability to secure cows in groups or individually. As well as individual unlocking of each animal individually. The fence design provides neck protection. Also features low noise level thanks to plastic stops on the interlocking tubes

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