Diagonal feed table fences

Diagonal feed table fences

The diagonal grate reduces spreading and reduces feed wastage and prevents animals from entering the feed table.


Diagonal feed table fences are mainly used in calf houses. The age of the animals there is between 3 and 15 months. Feed table fencing with diagonal grids. This is the best type of fencing for younger cows. For young cows diagonal or Z-shaped fences are used. They are simple in design, reliably prevent animals from entering the feed table, reduce spreading and feed losses. The same type of solution can also be used in the barn, where a rigid fixation of the head of an adult animal leads to the possibility of injury to the cow.

The size of the diagonal cells varies according to the age group of the cattle. All our barn equipment is made from high quality materials. Used profiles and their thicknesses: 50x50x3 square tube, 60x60x3 square tube, 50x40x3 channel, 21,3×2,8 round tube, 33,5×2,8 round tube, 48×3,5 round tube, 60×3 round tube. Corrosion protection of the stabling is done by hot-dip galvanizing. Feeding grids are installed in front of the feeding table. They are designed to prevent cattle from entering the feeding table and at the same time provide access to feed for the animals.

Diagonal feed racks serve to divide the feed space in order to make it easier for the animals to get their feed.  In this way, the cows do not disturb each other and eat in peace. Due to the design of the feed sieve, which prevents the cows from throwing the feed around, feed savings of up to 10% are achieved.

The diagonal feed fence is simple and functional. It is also safe as there are no sharp edges and no injuring elements.

Diagonal feed fences

  • Long service life: sturdy design from robust steel tubing
  • Installation form freedom: Fixing to stanchions or rafters
  • Variable usage: available for calves, young cattle and large cattle

You can buy and order Diagonal feed table fences in Estonia. A simple feed table for a loose housing barn https://fech.tech/product/headlocks/ or  https://fech.tech/product/cattle-feeding-table-equipment/


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