Partitions and Stalls for Horses

Fitting up stables and manufacturing of Stalls for Horses is one of our business. The interior furniture of a stable is a complex and extremely important issue. Based on huge experience in the manufacturing of horse stalls, we offer modular design which ensures easy installation of stall facades and partitions in whatever combination. We live in a constantly changing world, and this is the solution that makes it possible to redesign a stable at limited expense. We offer modular stalls that are reliable, easy to maintain, use and repair, ensure comfortable stay for the horses, and can be combined as multimodular structures the can be easily and quickly disassembled, transported and reassembled. You only have to select the colour, design and door type. We are the only horse stall manufacturer in Estonia.

Permanent stalls for stables, prefabricated competition stalls, any dimensions and coatings – we offer individual designs. A permanent stall consists of two sections: a facade wall and side partitions. The facade section can feature a swing door or a slide door, either in the middle or on the side. A prefabricated stall consists of four sections. On demand, we can make stalls and shelters of any dimensions and type customised to the size and environment of your stable, according to your drawings/sketches. We can offer a solution at any affordable cost. Also, we can design, manufacture and assemble metal structures for show rings, paddocks, sheds, stables, storehouses, etc. Our goal is to make your stable as user-friendly, practical, safe and splendid, as possible.

You can buy and order Stalls for Horses in Estonia only from us


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