Sheep & goats housing equipment

What elements of industrial technology are used in sheep and goats housing equipment

Animal keeping

Type of keeping goats – year-round stall. Animals are fed according to the principle of a feed table, and not from feeders. They drink from special automatic drinkers, which are attached to the wall at a certain height.

The room should be equipped with forced ventilation and good lighting. Subject to all these conditions, the cost of human labor will be minimized. Thus, even one person can take care of the animals.

Stall type of keeping animals

As needed, the bedding for the animals is filled with new straw. Thanks to biothermal processes, heat is released. Thus, there is a reduction in the cost of heating the room in cold weather. Such premises are cleaned at least twice a year.

Animal feeding

Feeding is carried out by pouring crushed feed with special feed additives from the feed dispenser onto the feed table.

In feeding animals, the cheapest feed is most often used, and to improve the quality of milk, slightly dried grass or hay is fed to goats. For feeding dairy breeds of goats, it is necessary to use a feed mixture prepared at industrial feed mills. It is then that the animals will receive a balanced diet enriched with vitamins and trace elements. In addition, special feed additives and mineral impurities must be added to the feed, which is carried out only under industrial production conditions at specialized enterprises.

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