Goat farm pens

Goat farm pens

Private peasant farm. Engaged in breeding goats of the Annensky breed and selling farm products: goat milk, cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese


Goat farm pens are one of the main types of technological equipment, of course, after milking, in a dairy goat farm.

A small goat mini-farm for 200 heads of Saanen goats, it also includes a room for keeping goats. The room for keeping goats is divided into two groups by a fodder table in the middle. The equipment is protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing and mounted without the use of welding in order to protect the protective coating of the equipment from damage.

The equipment for a goat farm is quite simple. It consists of paddocks and a feed table. In turn, the corrals consist of gates and fences.

The stern table consists of racks and palisade fodder grates. The main task of such a feed table is to give goats access to feed. But at the same time, this design prevents the goats from entering the fodder table. There are gates on the feeding table, which are provided for the convenience of servicing the dairy herd. Original designer gratings of the feed table.

The goat farm in this case is divided into 3 parts: two stall areas with bedding, in the middle there is a wide fodder table, on which the feeder drives and distributes food. Goats are milked in a separate milking and milking block.

Goat farm equipment is mounted on anchor posts. Gates and fences are respectively hung on the racks without the use of welding. Only bolt assembly is used, thereby the integrity of the anti-corrosion coating is not violated. Protection of stall equipment against corrosion is carried out by hot-dip galvanizing.

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