Sheepfold equipment

Sheepfold equipment

One of the activities of the poultry farm in 2013 was the breeding of meat breed sheep. The maintenance of 250 sheep was organized in the building of the former poultry house. It is planned to breed sheep and sell mutton.


This Sheepfold equipment for 250 heads was manufactured and installed in the premises of a former poultry farm. Sheep are versatile animals that provide high-quality milk, warm wool and valuable meat.

We met with the customer, jointly examined the premises, planned it and created this project. According to our plan, 250 sheep were to be accommodated here.

The room was divided into groups of sheep, rams, a fodder table and individual cages for breeding rams and lambing sheep.

When designing a farm for sheep, the features of their maintenance are taken into account. For an adult ram, the minimum area is 2 square meters, for a sheep – from 1.4 meters, for a lamb – from 0.3 meters.

Equipment for keeping sheep is mounted on anchor posts. These are fences, gates, senniks, feeders, drinkers. Sheep sit on a straw bed. The fences of cage sections must be unified, collapsible for their possible recombination and comply with the standards of technological design of sheep breeding enterprises.

Our similar project for the manufacture of equipment for the sheepfold

You can buy and order Sheepfold equipment in Estonia from us. For us, there is nothing difficult in the manufacture of equipment for sheep farms, and we advise you to contact our specialists who know all the nuances of equipment for keeping sheep. Many households save on equipment and make everything from wood, which does not last long. Our equipment, protected from corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing, will serve you for more than 20 years.


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