Sheep farm equipment

Sheep farm equipment

In the building of the former granary, equipment for a sheep farm was installed and the maintenance of 100 sheep was organized. It is planned to breed sheep and sell mutton.


Sheep farm equipment is very similar to goat farm equipment. In this case, the premises are intended for keeping 100 sheep and 10 rams. They have their own separate stall cages with individual drinkers, feeders and senniks. The partitions are made of durable laminated plywood so that the animals do not see their neighbors in the stalls.

Like many of our equipment, it is protected from corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing. The principle of the device is almost the same as in goat farms – a stall zone-rookery with straw bedding in the middle. And along the edges is a fodder table with feeders and senniks.

Organization of a complex for growing sheep for meat-fat direction for lamb and for further sale to slaughterhouses and meat processing plants (sausage factories, factories for the production of meat semi-finished products and fresh meat). The sheep-breeding direction is in demand due to the production of wool, meat – lamb, milk, astrakhan sheep, fur and fur coat sheepskins. The market capacity is steadily increasing. The investment plan of the sheep breeding business plan is for 10 months. Production and financial plans are maximally optimized.

This farm belongs to the mini sheepfold. In addition to it, we also equipped larger sheep farms and

You can buy and order equipment for a sheep farm in Estonia from us. For us, there is nothing difficult in the manufacture of equipment for sheep farms, and we advise you to contact our specialists who know all the nuances of equipment for keeping sheep.


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