Equipment for sheepfolds

Equipment for sheepfolds

The project “technological solutions” of a sheep farm for 300 ewes with the rearing of young animals.


Equipment for sheepfolds  in the project “sheep farm for 300 ewes with rearing of young animals”

Project composition:

  1. General information about the designed object
  2. Information about the production program and product range
  3. Characteristics of the adopted technological scheme and individual parameters of the technological process of keeping sheep
  4. Basic technical and technological solutions for keeping sheep
  5. Calculation of the need for the main types of resources
  6. Number and types of auxiliary equipment (farm processing equipment)
  7. Measures to reduce emissions and discharges of harmful substances

Metal structures for keeping sheep are mounted on concrete racks. These are fences, gates, senniks, feeders, drinkers. Sheep sit on a straw bed. The fences of cage sections must be unified, collapsible for their possible recombination and comply with the standards of technological design of sheep breeding enterprises. Like many of our equipment, it is protected from corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing. The principle of the device is almost the same as in goat farms – a stall zone-rookery with straw bedding in the middle. And along the edges is a fodder table with feeders and senniks.

Our similar project for the manufacture of equipment for the Goat

You can buy and order Equipment for sheepfolds and rams in Estonia from us. For us, there is nothing difficult in the manufacture of equipment for sheep farms, and we advise you to contact our specialists who know all the nuances of equipment for keeping sheep. Many households save on equipment and make everything from wood, which does not last long. Our equipment, protected from corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing, will serve you for more than 20 years.


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