Pig farming equipment

We have developed and introduced mass production of technological Pig farming equipment and rationed feeding of sows.

Our tasks were to:

Design high-efficient competitive equipment for pig farms
Level the productivity and mechanical content of pig farm activities up with the best foreign competitors
Reduce energy consumption by 30% on the average
Create prerequisites for restructurisation of the pig farming industry with the priority on intensive resource saving meat production processes with competitive qualitative and quantitative parameters
Modern trends in the development of pig breeding and global practice are focused on deeper specialisation of production, separate keeping of reproductive and fattening livestock, so as to minimise the impact of negative factors on animals. Provided that, the following trends can be named:

Niche specialisation of entities within the pork production system, located at a considerable distance from each other, which allows avoiding environmental pollution and the negative impact of biological factors on the health and productivity of animals
Fundamentally new approach to the design and construction of pig-breeding enterprises, which ensures the phased commissioning of production facilities and shorter payback period
Improved method of breeding and compilating broodstock at commercial multiplying farms with replacement pigs adapted to the conditions of industrial technology
New system for feeding pigs of different production groups using complete granular feed, while reducing the likelihood of animal poisoning with mycotoxins, unproductive feed losses and labour input into pig feeding
The use of waterless methods of manure removal so as to reduce water consumption for process needs by 1.5-2 times
Organisation of waste storage and processing into various types of organic fertilisers and the use of liquid fraction for irrigation of feed crops
The method of Pig farming equipment of various sex and age groups consists of five main sections:

Farrowing pens Boar and gilt pen farrowing pen stall for pregnant and barren sows Pig finishing Piglet rearing Sow management Waiting

Keeping sows in the insemination area
Keeping sows in the pregnant sow area
Keeping sows with suckling piglets in the farrowing area
Keeping weaned piglets in the rearing area
Keeping fattening stock in the fattening area
In addition to the above major sections, there are particularities of keeping boars at artificial insemination stations (boar houses), elevers (points for breeding and evaluating breeding boars).


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