Frontal partitions for horses with double gates

Frontal partitions for horses with double gates

Stable for 6 horses, stall size 5×5. Total size of the stable is 30×15 metres. The width of the aisle between the stall rows is 5 metres.

The facades of the stalls are made with double gates and ventilation and decorative grooves in the wooden part.


The Frontal partitions for horses with double gates are very convenient because they can be opened separately.

Stable stabling for stable equipment.

Height of the structure is 2.4 meters.

The design of the front of the stable is symmetrical. Swinging wicket doors. Wicket opening 180 degrees. Doors on adjustable hinges. Spring-operated lock. Wickets made in the centre of the facade. Facade width 5 meters.

Combined side partition in a length of 5 metres. Filling the lower part of the facade with 40mm thick board to a height of 1.4m.

Pipe grate height 1.0 m.

Corrosion protection is hot-dip galvanized and powder coated brown.

The entire façade is fitted with decorative ventilation slots to improve air circulation in the stall.

The board is impregnated with a special antiseptic

The installation is carried out with anchors in the floor, walls and to the building’s supporting pillars.

Frontal partitions for horses with double gates in Estonia can be bought and ordered from us.

All our sheds are made of high quality materials. Profiles and their thicknesses: 50x50x2 square pipe, 40x40x2 square pipe, 50x40x3 channel pipe, 21,3×2,8 round pipe, 48×3 round pipe. Softwood boards (pine and spruce).

We can make you stables according to your designs or drawings. We produce stabling of different models and modifications, fitting into the available space in the stables.

Our constructions are easy to assemble and hard to break, even for stallions. They are reliable and robust in use. Every product has been designed so that, should a board break when hit by a hoof, it can usually be replaced without the use of 40 mm tongue and groove board. The wooden part of the stall becomes a solid board.

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