Portable Horse Stalls

Portable Horse Stalls

Modular summer stables collapsible for competitions

Produce custom collapsible stables, size 3×3(3×4), such stables are easy to assemble, easy to load, easy to transport. These stall stalls are suitable for year-round use, they can be set in the country house, at shows, in competitions, in summer camps in the pastures, in guests, and simply in the premises under the stables.

Mounted on any flat area. You do not need to make a special capital foundation!


Portable Horse Stalls for competition

The Portable Horse Stalls consists of ten stalls. Five stalls opposite each other. The passage between the front parts is 3 meters. Size of stall is 3*3 meters. Total dimensions of the stall module is 15.1 meters long and 9.52 meters wide. Height to ridge 2,2 meters, ridge height 3,06 meters. The metal structures of the sections are made of 50×25 mm section pipe. The grate is made of 21 mm tubular steel. Corrosion protection is hot-dip galvanised. The bottom of the sections is filled with laminated plywood, 18 mm thick. The module is assembled in sections, using universal fixing elements. The front section features a 1200 mm wide swinging wicket door.

The Portable Horse Stalls is a construction of front, rear and side wall panels. Each panel has a profiled metal frame. The stabling partition is divided into two parts by height, the upper part is a pipe grille and the lower part is made of a blind, closed with moisture-proof plywood. The front wall panel has a door opening with a hinged one-piece door. The wall panels are joined together using metal profile tubes placed at each corner of the module. The wall panels can be easily detached. Each wall panel has a stiffening rib between the base of the profiled metal frame and the reinforcing metal beam. The modular stall construction above allows for a variety of designs from a large number of modules, each with a common wall panel and two common profile struts with the adjacent module.

We offer to buy our collapsible modular stall stalls which are highly reliable. They are easy to maintain, service and repair, provide comfort for your horses, and allow you to create a multi-modular design that is quick to transport and easy to assemble and disassemble.

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