Headlocks cow stalls farm barn Equipment for Farms

Headlocks cow stalls farm barn Equipment for Farms

Headlocks of the feed table Headlocks are one of the elements of the feed table


Headlocks headlocks are safe feeding grids. They have both top and bottom head openings. Thanks to the lower head opening, the cow can be released as required if she is unable to climb up to the upper opening on her own. All locking positions can be operated by a single locking lever. Thanks to the modular assembly system and good combinations of the various elements and fixtures, all standard column farms can be fitted with a feeding grid.

Significant advantages:

– Very stable design.

– Simple, central control.

– All grapple tubes are centrally lockable.

– All grapple tubes open in the centre.

– Places can be freed separately.

– Safe for the responders.

Feed table fences with lockable grids.  Headlock-type gratings. With this fence, the farmer can, at his discretion, use group or individual fixation. Headlock grilles have a special design that fixes the head of the animal.

The design of this grid allows both group and individual fixation. It is also possible to use a lever to release all the fixed animals at the same time. For large animals it is recommended to use a 4 place grid, for calves up to 8 places by 3 meters can be made.

Classic self-locking feed fence

  • Classic version: robust, spacious, low-noise
  • Comfortable operation: can be centrally controlled from up to 40 m
  • Individual feeding: individual unlocking at each feeding place

You can order and buy headlocks in Estonia.All of our stall equipment is made of high-quality materials. Used profiles and their thicknesses: 50x50x3 square tube, 60x60x3 square tube, 50x40x3 channel pipe, 21.3×2.8 round tube, 33.5×2.8 round tube, 48×3.5 round tube, 60×3 round tube. The corrosion protection of the barn equipment is done by hot-dip galvanizing.Diagonal feed grids are also used in barns on the feeding table https://fech.tech/product/diagonal-feed-table-fences/


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