Stall equipment for cattle

Stall equipment for cattle

We produce cattle stall equipment that meets all the parameters of European requirements and makes it possible to provide the technological scheme of various directions (loose housing, tethered housing) of a modern dairy farm.


The Stall equipment for cattle is made of galvanised steel to ensure reliable protection against corrosion. The fasteners are designed for versatile assembly of the entire structure. The choice of single or double cubicle dividers saves on floor space and allows the optimum number of animals to be housed in one building.

To divide the areas by animal groups, cattle gates and restraints are used, which are assembled from versatile fasteners and vary in strength and size – they can be simple or reinforced. The physiological characteristics of cows are taken into account when designing the parameters and configurations of stabling equipment. The design and dimensions of the cubicles allow the cow to lie down and get up naturally with the torso pushed forward. Free group housing in individual cubicles is a system that meets the needs and comfort of the animals throughout their life and production cycle.

The cubicles are assembled with universal fasteners and dividers, which enable them to be fixed without welding. The dividers can be mounted on the supporting columns or two horizontal pipes using special pipe clamps, pipe joint clamps and clamping clamps. The fastening designs allow for single-sided and double-sided arrangement of the boxes.

Rack dividers:

The design of the sections and boxes ensures comfortable placement of cattle in the barn. The cubicle shape gives the cows a place to rest and move freely. The installation of cubicles increases hygiene in the barn and therefore improves the health of the whole herd. Today stabling is installed in almost all dairy farms.

Stabling equipment consists of universal fasteners and box dividers – beams. The beams are manufactured in different variants according to the customer’s wishes. You can buy and order stabling equipment for cattle in Estonia from us.

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