Freestall barns for cattle

Freestall barns for cattle

The main elements of stabling equipment for loose-housing are stall dividers, posts, gates, fences and a feeding table.


Freestall barns for cattle otherwise known as free stall housing, is a modern type of housing for cows. Cow Comfort and Production for the Family Farm.

Not only is this the most convenient way to keep your cows, but it is also the easiest way to keep them on the dairy farm:

Reduce staffing and Decrease the labour input in milk production

Improve the feed provided to the animals and Monitor each animal on a regular basis

The main elements of free stall housing are stall dividers (bogies for cows), fencing (diagonal grating for cows, headers for cows), stanchions, gates for cattle passages.

The stable space and the feed table are separated by a special headlock mechanism, which enables fixation of the animal’s head for veterinary procedures. The mechanism allows both individual and group fixation. One of the important advantages of the Headlock fencing is the reduction of feed wastage.

Using these systems for renovation or new construction you get: a highly reliable construction, fast and easy installation, which allows you to fix all the elements without welding.

Corrosion protection against aggressive barn environments is assured by hot-dip galvanizing.

Sturdy constructions are made of robust steel pipes and the shape meets veterinary and hygienic standards.

FECH TECH guarantees quality and a wide range of barn equipment. Our specialists are always ready to give you complete information about the equipment. We will help you choose the most advantageous and best option for your complex.

You can buy and order Freestall barns for cattle in Estonia without bindings from us.

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