pasture feeders

pasture feeders

Feeding trough for cows on pasture

When farming livestock and keeping cattle on pasture, special fattening areas need to be equipped.


Pasture feeders must be functional and capacious. They should avoid large losses of feed and not require too much maintenance. Feeder feeders, on the other hand, are also divided into two variants.

For dry fodder. In the paddock and pasture, if there is a shortage of green grass, especially in autumn, it is necessary to equip the paddock with hay feeders. Sometimes hay stacks or hay piles are put up, but it is better not to do this, as it is too much of a waste and the animals will trample the hay into the ground. The best option is to make a conical feeder. You can fit a whole roll of hay in such a container, which means you will rarely have to refill the feed. Animals will get the hay as needed without wasting it.

These structures are safe, convenient and easy to assemble and use, durable and long-lasting.

Despite all the advantages, they are still used less frequently than the square cells familiar to farmers. The round pasture feeder for feeding round bales. Provides an excellent combination of economy and durability, with no head or foot jamming. The round bale feeder is a great option for cost-conscious customers. These feeders have no head and foot traps and are ideal for feeding cows and calves with round bales of hay. The sloping design of the top rail helps cattle keep their head in the feeder when eating, which eliminates costly hay losses. This galvanised round bale feeder is rust and corrosion resistant. It consists of three curved parts that are quickly and easily assembled with the bolts and nuts provided.

Take a look at our diagonal feed table grids for the interior

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