Barn stall equipment

Barn stall equipment

A 600-head loose housing cowshed in a 2,400-head farm with milking and dairy unit


The Barn stall equipment of a loose housing barn for 600 cows was manufactured and installed in 2 months.

The housing of the barn is 32×150 metres. Designed for loose housing of cows. The cattle housing is six-row. On the sides of the building – single barns, through the manure channel – twin barns, through the feeding channel – fodder table. The herd is divided into 12 groups of 46 cows each. In the middle of the longest part of the barn is an underground manure storehouse. The structure of the building is combined. There are metallic semi-columns on concrete foundation, which continuation is made of wooden poles. The roof is also wooden gable.

The main structure of the stabling equipment: dividers of cubicles, gates, posts. Stall dividers are also made of stanchions with a board inserted into them. The result is a board. Each manure channel is equipped with manure railings (lagoon). The stern table is simple, adjustable in height and reach. Two spans of the feed table are equipped with headers to secure the cows.

The box dividers are mounted on two horizontal pipes, which are attached to the supporting columns of the structure by welding. The fencing gates are mounted to the concrete dividing walls using anchors.

All of our stabling equipment is made of high-quality materials. Used profiles and their thicknesses: 50x50x3 square steel pipe, 60x60x3 square steel pipe, 50x40x3 channel, 21.3×2.8 round steel pipe, 33.5×2.8 round steel pipe, 48×3.5 round steel pipe, 60×3 round steel pipe. The anti-corrosion protection of stall equipment is achieved by hot-dip galvanizing.

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