calf pens

calf pens

Calf pens are one of the ways and methods of raising calves on farms when cows are kept loose.


Calf pens consist of posts, fences and gates. They are designed for animals of different age groups and we advise you to consult our experts to choose the most suitable product. Choosing the right gate will ensure a safe environment on your farm.

Cow and calf gates are mainly used to separate and keep cattle and to close passageways. For security gates and doors (farm entrances, milking parlours and automation rooms). In common holding pens and calving areas.

We produce standard products as well as custom solutions in accordance with the dimensions specified in the construction documents. The pens are quickly and conveniently set up with posts and adjustable hinges. The hinges are suitable for attaching to walls, round or square posts as well as various materials (such as concrete, wood, metal etc.). The gate elements and mountings are hot-dip galvanized.

Our pens, gates and fences ensure safe movement of livestock. The structures for gates and fences in a covered fattening enclosure are similar to open fattening enclosures.  Cattle must be able to enter and exit the pens easily when they need to be released. Conversely, structures should be securely closed when not required.

For group housing of calves, we do not use three-pipe fences. In this case, we use wickets with vertical tubes to prevent calves from entering the adjacent group.

All our cubicles are made of high quality materials.  The anti-corrosion protection of the stabling is done by hot-dip galvanizing. All our barn equipment is made of high-quality materials. Used profiles and their thicknesses: 50x50x3 square tube, 60x60x3 square tube, 50x40x3 channel, 21,3×2,8 round tube, 33,5×2,8 round tube, 48×3,5 round tube, 60×3 round tube. The anti-corrosion protection of the stabling is done by hot-dip galvanizing.

You can buy and order Calf pens and calves in Estonia.


  • Flexible: many possibilities for division
  • Stable: resistant against impacts
  • Field-tested: proven design

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