Unattached cattle housing

Unattached cattle housing

The unattached housing of cattle is currently the main form of animal rearing in Europe.


The most promising technology in Europe for unattached cattle housing

The first step in this direction is the construction and renovation of cattle farms and the purchase of stabling equipment for the cows. Most of today’s dairy farms use a dolly as a cubicle divider. This curved shape is not just a matter of chance, but is based purely on the shape of the animal’s body. The yoke is fixed to 76 mm diameter stanchions, and a variety of clamps and brackets are used to create a secure structure.

For a loose housing farm it is very important to have the right housing technology in place as it affects the productivity of each cow. The more comfortable the animal feels and the less stress it will feel, the higher the milk production will be. It is very important to create conditions for the cow to rest, free space to move around, constant access to water and food, easy route to the milking parlor.

The material of this equipment is black rolled metal, hot-dip galvanized.

The cow stall equipment includes many fixtures and fittings for caring for the cattle, for creating favourable conditions. Cattle housing equipment includes mechanical and hydraulic hoof trimmers, calf houses, fixed and automatic brushes, cow headers as well as anti-brick and track systems.

Hoof trimming and cleaning are compulsory veterinary procedures performed to prevent deformities and pathologies in this part of the animal’s leg. The procedure helps prevent infections of the epidermis and dermis. Monthly growth of the horn wall is about 6-8 mm. In tethered housing, the growth is not erased naturally, which can provoke a deformity of the hoof. Hoof trimming machines must be included in the stall equipment of tethered housing.

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