calving stall

calving stall

The calving stall is the place where calves are born.


The calving stall is an individual enclosed area in the maternity ward

Most modern farmers have a calving stall. These are fixtures for holding cattle that need calving assistance. This cubicle does not have to be elaborate or expensive. It has to be comfortable and useful.

Our calving stalls are 3×3 m or 3×4 m in size. They have a wicket at the front and a neck restraint for the cow’s head. It is made of thick-walled tubes with a large diameter, which ensures its reliability and durability in use.

The purpose of the calving stall is to provide a safe and healthy environment for the cow when calving. This cubicle usually pays for itself quickly through rescued calves and the correct and timely handling of the cows. Some of the tasks facilitated by calving stalls include caesarean section, clearing the remaining placenta, helping calves. Presented for births in the wrong position, milking cows, receiving calves and treating cows that require follow-up treatment. This allows the producer to quickly assess the situation and take appropriate action himself or with the help of a professional.

The use of cubicles creates physiologically sound conditions for calving cows and taking in newborn calves.

Our calving stalls meet the following requirements and criteria. Easy cow entrance, easy cleaning, solid, well lighted from all sides, with swinging gate.

You can buy and order a calving stall in Estonia.

After calving a cow’s calf is taken from her and transferred to the calf preventorium


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