Tie Stalls tethering equipment TUF-20

Tie Stalls tethering equipment TUF-20

In tethered barns, cows are housed in individual cubicles on a tether. The barn has a feeding trough and drinker in the front, a chute for the

Feeding trough, drinker, chute for scraper manure scraper



Tie Stalls  TUF-20 is used in tied barns.

The tie stalls may be constructed in a single row if the number of animals is 16 or less, or in two rows if the number is more, either with the heads of animals facing outside, the so-called tail-to-tail arrangement or with the heads of animals facing each other, the so-called head-to-head arrangement.

Tethered housing has certain positive aspects:

– Each cow is kept in its own cubicle;

– Correct feeding, watering;

– the animal spends more time lying down than when it is tied

the animal lies longer than when it is not tethered;

– the influence of the more aggressive animals is considerably reduced

aggressive animals;

– better monitoring of the health status of the animal

Better health monitoring and care

Stall width: minimum 1.20m or loin height *0.9

Stall length: 1.85-1.90m or diagonal body length *0.92 + 30cm

– Animals must be able to stand upright;

– Separating arcs to match the required width of the cubicles or apply separating belts;

– Chain or strap approx. 80 cm long when tied to overhead pipe

The stall equipment is made of steel St3.  Corrosion protection is hot-dip galvanized according to GOST 9.307-89,S=80-140 microns.

Stanchions are made of a pipe ø57×3,5, swivel tying beam is made of a set of pipe ø48×3,5 interconnected by bolts.

The props are assembled by concreting into the floor to a depth of 300 mm.

The swivel tie bar is attached to the uprights by means of clamps and must be freely rotated by hand.

The group release is carried out by means of a manual release mechanism.

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