Tethered Tie stalls Barn TUF-20

Tethered Tie stalls Barn TUF-20

The dairy cattle housing system is still in use on many dairy and beef farms.



The Tethered stalls TUF-20 (Tie-stall Facilities) is used in many dairy and beef farms up to now.

The TUF-20 is designed for tethering as well as group and individual unleashing of cows in stall housing, securing the vacuum pipe and providing drinking water for watering cows. The cows are tethered by a two-end chain attached at the bottom by an anchor and at the top by a rotating bar with a bracket. The cows are unhooked by turning the lever, after releasing it from the hook. The equipment includes: stanchions, stanchions with brackets for fastening of milk and water pipes, chain tether, turning bar for the simultaneous releasing of tethered cows in case of fire with a lever.


In tethered housing, the cubicle is the main habitat of the cows. Therefore the health, performance and reproductive capacity of the animals depends largely on the design and size of the cubicle.

In large herds, veterinary procedures can be speeded up considerably by using stall equipment for tethered cattle. Up to 100 cows can be tethered in one day, using a single device. The special equipment prevents injuries to the animals and the staff.

For tethered housing, each cow and heifer is provided with a separate cubicle, feeder and drinker. Above each cow is a stencil indicating the inventory number, name of the animal, level of performance and daily ration of feed. Feed is distributed by mobile feeders. Tethered housing generally includes individual feeding of the cows, which promotes milking and high milk yields.

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