Installation of stabling equipment

Installation of stabling equipment

Manufacturing and installing stabling equipment



The installation of stabling equipment for loose housing of cattle is as follows:

In loose cattle housing, the equipment used is boxes placed in several rows along the building, with a feed or manure passage of at least 2.0 m width between each two rows of boxes. No more than 50 cubicles may be installed in one continuous row. Internal building supports must not be placed inside the boxes. The slope of the floor in the cubicles towards the manure channel must be at least 2%.

The cubicles are designed to enclose individual resting areas for loose animal housing. The cubicles can be single or twin.

The cubicles housing equipment consists of concrete (sometimes anchored) floor props with plastic insulating inserts on which, using universal fasteners, the individual resting areas can be fenced.

The cubicle equipment consists of concrete and (sometimes) anchored to the floor, polymer insulating inserts which are fitted with universal fasteners for spacers, floor boards and breast plate brackets.

The stall equipment is a prefabricated structure, which allows adjusting the width of the box, the position of the over-the-hull beam and the breastboard bracket.

The box equipment should be installed while the floors are being poured with concrete. The structure must be rigid so that it is not deformed by aggressive physical impacts from animals.

The enclosure kits are delivered unassembled to the site and assembled successively on site.

The cubicles are made of galvanised pipes of different diameters. The diameter of the pipes is usually 40-65 mm and the metal thickness is 3.5 mm. The length of the pipes depends on the size of the cubicles.

You may order the fabrication and installation of stabling equipment in Estonia from us.

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