Stall for mares and stallions

Stall for mares and stallions

The size of the stable is 32*12 meters, the size of stables is 3,5*4 meters. The walls and partitions are made of foam concrete. The height of the partitions is 1.5 meters. Screens were set on them. One stall in the stable with a V-shaped door and a pipe grille.


Stall for mares and stallions set opposite each other

Stable stabling for stable equipment.

The height of the structure is 2.3 meters.

The design of the facade is symmetrical. Swinging arch one-leaf gate. The door on welded hinges. A lock with a spring. Facade width 3.5 meters.

Side partition pipe length 3.5 meters.

Filling with 40mm thick board at the height of 1.5 meters.

The height of the pipe grate 0.8 m.

Corrosion protection – polymer powder coating in black color.

Impregnation of boards – special antiseptic.

Installation of partitions is carried out with anchors in the floor, walls and between themselves.

Our task was to install facade and side lattices on existing partitions and to install a wicket door on support posts between the partitions in the doorway. The posts were topped with a ball tip. The width of the passage in the light of 1.3 meters. Total height of the structures 2.5 meters. The walls were clad with foam-concrete vyhloka after the stalls were mounted.

Each equestrian club tries to be unique and inimitable in its architectural image. So in the equestrian club “Trava” we took a creative approach to artistic interior design of the stables. We made a figurative wave front for mares: wave descends from the top to the middle and then comes back up. For the stallions we made arched designs

The Stall for mares and stallions in Estonia can be bought and ordered from us.

All our stalls are made of high quality materials.

Profiles and their thicknesses: 50x50x2 square pipe, 40x40x2 square pipe, 50x40x3 channel pipe, 21,3×2,8 round pipe, 48×3 round pipe. Board of coniferous wood (pine and spruce).

We can make you stables according to your designs or drawings.

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